Unsurpassed location

Close to tram and train stops, shops, restaurants, cinema, sporting and a host of other facilities. All within a 10 minute walk. The city centre is only 7 minutes away by car

What you will find

Goodwood- a rich history

The area has a rich history dating back to the 1830’s, starting off as a village and developing its own character. Goodwood Road has always been the main shopping and entertainment precinct and is only a six minute walk from 3 Oakley. Many of the current buildings date back to the 1800’s. Located at the intersection of 2 train lines and the Glenelg tram. The local area thrived in the days when there no cars and people were reliant on public transport. The Glenelg tram line was originally built in 1873 as a train line and reverted to being a tram line in 1929

Known as the village of Goodwood, the 1840 census showed that there was a population of 100. It wasn’t till the 1870’s that the area started to take off with most of the major churches and historic buildings built during this period. Of note is Bansemer Family Butcher Shop built in 1872 and still proudly displaying it’s cow head parapet. A more recent building is the Goodwood Star Theatre. A glorious Art Deco edifice now known as the Capri.Many of the notable older buildings are from this period. Other notable landmarks in the area are the Wayville Showgrounds, numerous historic churches and the Goodwood Orphanage building.




Enjoy an extensive range of cafe’s, restaurants and nightlife. Local favorites include Gingers cafe, Trouble and Strife and Whisk Patisserie. Or closer to the Forestville tram stop, enjoy a BLT at Dear Daisy or some cruelty free desserts at Cherry Darlings. If Thai is your preference Manee Siam makes a wicked Penang Beef. If convenience shopping is your interest, the proposed Kaufland hypermarket in Forestville (the old LeCornu site) will be just a 3 minute drive away.


The Capri Cinema is a standout. The Wurlitzer organ provides a bit of old-time atmosphere. It is the only organ installation in the world that has glass-fronted chambers in a theatre or cinema. You can pop in to Two Sisters Wine Bar for a cocktail before, after or both. The nearby Goodwood Institute has regular events and the Showgrounds has things on most weeks.


The Wayville Farmers’ Market is outstanding. Just an eight minute walk. There are many excellent stalls to choose from but if you are prepared to queue, Patlin Gardens won’t go amiss. Say hi to Pat and Lina. Gilles at the Grounds is always worth the visit. And of course there is the Royal Adelaide Show. Great rides, animals, side shows and fireworks. The Goodwood Community Centre has community programs including palygroup and has hall hire. Next door is the Goodwood Library. Down East Avenue is the Clarence Park Community Centre which has a food Coop and a number of other community based activities.

Great amenities


If you are a Dog owner Goodwood Oval is only a few minutes walk. Soutar and Orphanage Parks are also nearby. In fact, the area is spoiled for choice with many parks and playgrounds all within walking distance. Don’t forget to visit SASME Model Train Park. Open the first Sunday and second Saturday of the month. The Goody Patch while not a park is still a nice spot to visit. Signs will tell you what vegetables you can pick but please leave some for others.


Just a two minutes walk away from 3 Oakley is Goodwood Oval where you have cricket, football and hard court tennis. Next door is the 100 year old Forestville Hockey Club. A few more minutes away is the Millswood Bowls, Lawn Tennis and Croquet clubs. And let’s not forget the Unley Swimming Centre in Forestville. You can just go for laps or join the Swimming Club. The annual Unley Meet occurs around December.


There are a multitude of public transport options. Forestville, along with Goodwood are the only Adelaide suburbs that have access to tram, bus and two separate trains within their boundaries. All stops are within a 4 minute walk. The bike path runs directly behind the site and gives you two options to the city. One track goes by the train tracks and continues past the showgrounds while the other option is to follow the tram track and connect to the Mike Turtur Bikeway, the busiest cycling commuter route in the State.

100% Renewable energy

Every inch of our homes are not only beautifully designed, they are calculated and built to surpass the World’s most rigorous energy efficiency, comfort and sustainability standards for buildings. Every component, every wall, window and even appliance is taken into consideration when meeting the Passivhaus performance standards

To date there have been over 60,000 Passivhaus units built around the world.

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