Design your home with a Sustainable future in mind

3 Oakley will be the world's first Passivhaus Premium housing development *

Built right here in Adelaide. This world first development is built for a 100% renewable energy future.The development is all electric with each home generating up to 7 times the electricity they consume

*means the world’s first Passivhaus Premium detached housing development with each house individually certified

Here's what we do

World's leading standard

Global warming

Rigorously tested

Fresh filtered air

Free heating and cooling

100% Renewable energy

Every inch of our homes are not only beautifully designed, they are calculated and built to surpass the World’s most rigorous energy efficiency, comfort and sustainability standards for buildings. Every component, every wall, window and even appliance is taken into consideration when meeting the Passivhaus performance standards

To date there have been over 60,000 Passivhaus units built around the world.

Want to learn more?

Passivhaus is an international standard for energy efficient buildings where a house  is so well insulated and air-tight that it can function with minimal heating and cooling.  Passive house projects deliver the highest level of comfort, and a cost effective bundle of energy saving strategies and renewables.

Included below are links to some brochures from the Passivhaus Institute in Germany and the Passivhaus Trust in the UK

An in depth resource providing 68 pages of detailed information. If you enjoy a good read download the PDF file.

Discover the benefits of Passivhaus. We’ll let you into a secret… Its not just about energy efficiency.

An overview of the Passivhaus standard, how it can be achieved, and how to get started.

Why choose Passivhaus over other approaches? Covering zero carbon targets & the performance gap.

Video resources

Passivhaus explained in 90 seconds

What is a Passive House (11 min)

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Main picture- House 2 at 3 Oakley Avenue, Forestville, South Australia. Part of the World’s first Passivhaus Premium housing development