Passivhaus Videos

Grand Designs presents Crossway Passivhaus

Kevin McCloud from Grand Designs looks at Crossway Passivhaus. Featuring the UK’s only timbrel vaulted, parabolic arch, built using 26,000 hand-made clay tiles. Super insulated and sustainably built from locally sourced materials. A credit to the designer. To achieve Passivhaus certification is a truly amazing feat. Respect. Video length 3:38

Grand Designs finalist RIBA house of the year 2015

Prewett Bizley Architects have designed a very earthy all timber house with green oak posts and cladding. Built into a hill side, the house is very sympathetic to its location. The owners of Dundon Passivhaus in Somerset, talk about their experiences building and living in a Passivhaus. Video length 1:59

Lime tree Passivhaus, UK

The form of the this building was determined by the protected lime tree. This led to a delightful solution. Check it out. Video length 2:01

Colorado Passivhaus by Andrew Michler

The video is a little bit long but well worth the 20 minutes. Andrew goes into the fundamental principles he used in the design and build. The house is off-grid and self-built. Check out the net bed. Video length 20:14

Villa Di Gioia Passivhaus in Puglia, Italy

I love this modernist design. Featured in this video from Channel 4’s ‘Homes by the Med’ programme. The house has strong Mediterranean influences and has been designed as an open space in close contact with its surroundings. Video length 6:15

Retrofit of a 1950's home to Passivhaus standards

Built in Montreal, Canada .The incoming air to the MVHR is pre-heated by a geothermal ground loop. It increases the efficiency of the system because the incoming air is warmed in Winter and cooled in Summer. Check out the heating unit for the house. Despite the temperatures sometimes getting down to -30degC, the heater is only the size of a toaster with an equivalent heat output of two hairdryers. Video length 6:09

Chiswick Eco Lodge (Passivhaus), Chiswick, London

One of my favorites. The Architect has had to work with an incredibly tight site and a difficult Council among a series of other issues. All credit to the Architect and client, the result is brilliant. Video length 2:00

Golcar Passivhaus, Huddersfield, UK

The homeowners were only looking for double glazing. They discovered Passivhaus. This is the result. Video length 1:56

Wilkinson Primary School, West Midlands, UK

The Architects successful history of delivering schools for Wolverhampton City Council led to a repeat commission to replace an existing school that had fallen victim to an arson attack. The design addresses future needs of a 21st century learning environment with various innovations to improve performance & sustainability. Video length 1:59

Cre8 Barn, West Yorkshire, UK

Time lapse video showing what can be done with prefabrication. Video length 3:43

Life in a Passivhaus, Heidelberg, Germany

A 3,000 unit residential complex built to Passivhaus standards. Minimum heating is required and there are no drafts. The complex also includes a Kindergarten and Office complex also built to Passivhaus standards. Nearby is a Passivhaus Museum. Video length 5:07

A Passivhaus in the Tyrol mountains, Italy

Set in the North of Italy with beautiful views of the Alps, this delightful house has a timber rich interior. Check out the children’s play area above the stairs. Video length 3:43

Social housing – Horsham, West Sussex,UK

Worth a look because this is social housing and they talk about educate residents on how to live in a Passivhaus and their monitor progress. Video length 2:05

Erneley Close, Manchester, UK

A regeneration of two dilapidated blocks of flats in one of the poorest parts of Manchester. EnerPHit certification was used as a mechanism for creating a sustainable low carbon community. Video length 1:59

Taramea Passive House, Queenstown, New Zealand

Beautifully located with snow capped mountains in the distance. Hear the owners talk about what it was like to grow up in standard housing and how it comare to living in a Passivhaus. Video length 6:35

Tigh na Croit, Gorstan, Scotland

The design of the house reflects details of highland rural forms in terms of chimneys, roof pitch, verges, eaves and carefully placed openings. Large windows allow internal spaces to connect visually with the landscape and take advantage of the wonderful views from the site. Video length 1:59

Lansdowne Drive Passivhaus, Hackney, London

Set half a level down from the street, the house appears as a low zinc-clad volume, behind a garden wall. The upper ground floor forms the living area, while the entrance, bedrooms and bathrooms occupy the lower level. Video length 2:00

100% Renewable energy

Every inch of our homes are not only beautifully designed, they are calculated and built to surpass the World’s most rigorous energy efficiency, comfort and sustainability standards for buildings. Every component, every wall, window and even appliance is taken into consideration when meeting the Passivhaus performance standards


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