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Did you know that a typical building consumes more than 70% of the electricity generated? The electricity that these dwellings consume accounts for 40% of CO2 emissions!  

High-performance buildings in Adelaide can address the issues of climate challenge by lowering a building’s energy consumption to the point where the residual needs can be covered with zero- or low-carbon energy sources.

An average building in Adelaide uses 490 kWh/m2 of energy per year. However, by following the UNECE’s Framework Guidelines for Energy Efficiency Standards in Buildings, those figures may be reduced to a whopping 90 kWh/m2 per year.  

Unleash the potential of your buildings to cope with climate change

At Passive House Adelaide, our team of architects, contractors, and engineers create building envelopes using the best and the most appropriate materials and techniques to reach your required energy-efficient construction objectives on time and within the required budget. Our highly skilled and qualified system technicians design the appropriate heating, ventilation, air conditioning, and plug-in loads for the best outcomes.

We can design zero- or low-carbon solutions to suit the systems’ requirements, either on-site (via roof-top solar or on-site storage, for example) or via a network connection.

All of Passive House Adelaide’s operations are carried out in an efficient and eco-friendly manner, ensuring the health and safety of our workforce and the building’s tenants.

Expert retrofitting of aging – outdated buildings into sustainable – energy-efficient ones

Many of Adelaide’s residential and commercial properties are either aging badly or are built with inefficient-dated infrastructure. Not only do they handle energy inefficiently, but they also produce a large number of carbon footprints that are bad for the environment.  Passive House Adelaide has developed effective strategies to improve the sustainability of such old structures:

  • Using the most energy-efficient heating, ventilation, and air-conditioning equipment and lighting for the ultimate comfort and energy efficiency 
  • Conducting retro-commissioning and re-commissioning to maximize the energy performance of your buildings
  • Assessing for compliance with ventilation and thermal comfort standards
  • Installing renewable energy systems
  • Upgrading plumbing fittings with more energy-efficient ones 
  • Installing up-to-date energy and water meters  
  • Using low-impact development features to retrofit buildings and landscapes
  • Implementing appropriate materials reduction, recovery, recycling, and composting projects
  • Contracting green cleaning services   
  • We only work with high-quality eco-friendly materials

Passive House Adelaide is not just a leading energy-efficient home builder; we are also very passionate about our planet and the environment. We have made it our mission to continuously find new and innovative ways to integrate energy efficiency into our craftsmanship to benefit homeowners while keeping the environment safe and protected.      

Why choose our expertise?    

We will continue to enhance our industry-leading sustainable construction strategies for commercial and government clients by closely working together.

No job is considered too big – small – or difficult at Passive House Adelaide. We aim to provide expert consultation and engineering solutions to tackle even the most difficult building projects all around the world.

Architectural acoustics 

Our high-performance buildings are customized with high-grade acoustics and vibration sensitivity systems covering all types of .buildings and facilities. All our works and features are designed to international standards.

Streamlined project delegation

We successfully delegate our projects aiming towards achieving reliability, sustainability, and energy efficiency.

Smart and efficient safety and security system design

For the safety and protection of your digital assets, we install smart, dynamic, and comprehensive, cyber security solutions. We even provide skilled engineering services for customized, integrated security controls and systems, assuring the safety of your family members and assets.  

We comply with all kinds of building codes of conduct

We provide expert code consultation and technical advice, ensuring that our client’s needs are met while maintaining code compliance and safety.

Lighting and fixture installation

We provide elegantly designed, durable solutions to meet even the most complex lighting requirements.

Upgrades and renovation

We come with abundant experience in renovating and retrofitting old and new buildings of all shapes and sizes. We specialize in the environmentally friendly design and construction process that fits the needs and budgets of our clients seamlessly.

Through sustainable design, we are dedicated to building a secure and sustainable future. Our skilled and experienced team of technicians creates a solution that significantly increases the value, reliability, and efficiency of your building or construction projects.

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